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Don’t just survive. 

Educators Thriving offers research-based personal development programs to help educators achieve well-being.

Educators Thriving supports educators to achieve well-being.

We believe that attending to the well-being of educators is a prerequisite to achieving the results with students that each of us desires. Through our program, participants learn concrete, evidence-based strategies to help them avoid and manage most common pitfalls of the educator experience: being overwhelmed, personal neglect, struggling with a fixed mindset, unexpected challenges, and isolation. 

Over the past four years, we've facilitated the program with educators in districts across the United States. Participants reported statistically significant declines in burnout, depression, and anxiety alongside increases in resilience and subjective well-being.

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How does it work?



Select the sessions from our content library you'd like your educators to experience


Participants engage in the sessions synchronously, discussing and reflecting on what they're learning with a small group of 3-4 other colleagues


Between sessions, participants apply research-based strategies demonstrated to increase well-being

  Our Offerings  


Custom Professional Learning Program 

Research-based professional development customized to your context.

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Partner schools and districts gain access to asynchronous, research-based professional development customized to their needs. We collaborate with our partners to integrate the professional development content within existing programmatic structures.

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You choose the sessions you want your people to experience from our content library. Once you've made your selections, our tech team creates a customized, members-only website for program participants and provides ongoing technical support as needed.

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Together with our partners, we craft a customized well-being survey that is administered at baseline and at the end of the program. On the basis of the results, our research team runs statistical analyses and produces a synthesis report that includes clear, actionable next steps to improve employee well-being.

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Who is it for?

Our program is created for those who are on the front lines of this work: teachers and administrators.

Participants are people who are eager to learn about and apply research-based strategies to increase well-being.

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Research & Results

Learn more about the research that underpins the program and our results.


Dr. Tyler Hester’s Doctoral Capstone

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2020-21 Core Program Results Summary

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Dr. Tyler Hester Doctoral Capstone Defense

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2021-22 Program Impact Summary


Example partner impact report

What our participants are saying


reported that the program made teaching feel more sustainable


reported the program helped to improve their well-being


say the program made them more likely to stay in the teaching profession


“I have learned to appreciate my students and job. Before the class I was thinking about leaving the teaching profession. I’m sure I’ll be staying for the long haul now.