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From Reactive to Responsive

Educators Thriving partners with system-level leaders to assess workforce well-being and support those leaders to create the conditions in which every educator can thrive. 


Educators Thriving supports systems leaders to enhance the well-being of all educators.

We measure workforce well-being using research-based tools and qualitative methods. We identify bright spots and areas for strategic improvement. We walk alongside leaders to understand the data and create a plan to act on the insights it provides.

We believe that attending to the well-being of educators is a prerequisite to achieving the results with students that each of us desires. Unfortunately, few solutions address the working conditions that enable educators to experience well-being. In light of this, Educators Thriving offers workforce well-being evaluation and partners with senior leaders to develop system-wide tools and strategies aimed at transforming the conditions in which educators work. 

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 Core Features 

  • Quantitative and qualitative data collection with validated measurement scales

  • Tailored support based on district priorities to help systems achieve their goals

  • Strengths-based approach to identify and leverage what's working

  • Strategic planning to help leaders provide research-based strategies & equitable support to schools and teachers across the district

How it works

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the well-being of all educators

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beyond the numbers in focus groups

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bright spots and strategic oportunities

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to help you plan for effective collaboration

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  Research and Results  

Beyond Burnout:

A Roadmap to Improve Educator Well-Being

Get your copy now of this essential report by the American Federation for Teachers and Educators Thriving.

Beyond Burnout 2023 Educator Well-being Digital Report cover art.jpg

  What the Press is Saying  


Modern Educators: Resilience, Revolution & Key Industry Trends 2023

Byron Adams of Tripod interviews Tyler Hester, CEO of Educators Thriving, to explore their contributions to education and educator personal development.

September 1, 2023


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